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Centre Dynamic Elite AllStar Cheer Teams


Centre Dynamic Elite

2417 Eric Lane Burlington, NC




~April 4/28 - Open gym~

7 & under 5-6 pm

8-11 year olds 6-7 pm

12 & up 8-9 pm


~Saturday 4/29 - Cheer Team Tryouts~

7 & under 9-10:15 - doors will be open by 8:30 am

8-11 year olds 10:45-12:15 - can arrive by 10:30 am

12 & up 1-3:30 pm


~Tuesday 5/16 - Make up Cheer Team Evaluation Date~

9 & under 4-5:30 pm

10 & up 6-7:30 pm

~Tuesday 5/23 @ 6:30pm - Team Reveal Party~














 Eleni Murray       

Hey guys! My name is Eleni Murray! I have been tumbling, cheering and dancing my WHOLE LIFE! I first began my love for tumbling when I was 2 and I  took my first gymnastics class. From then on I was hooked to anything involving dancing or tumbling. Through the years I continued to dance, cheer and do gymnastics, but i found that my real passion was for competitive cheerleading. I cheered competitively all through elementary, middle and high school and even my first year of college. Now, I live my love and passion for cheer and tumbling through all of the kids that I teach everyday.

As far as teaching goes, I have been teaching for 11 years now. I stared off at the age of 14 teaching gymnastics. About 4 years in to teaching gymnastics, I got a job offer to teach competitive Cheerleading, so of course I took it!! Since then I have learned that my true calling is to be a Cheerleading instructor. I love working with children and I absolutely love watching them grow not only as cheerleaders but as people! I will coach Cheerleading forever because nothing is more satisfying than seeing a child's face when they accomplish something that they have worked so hard to achieve!!

In the mix of all this Cheerleading and coaching, I also received my Bachelor's degree in Psychology from UNCG. Even though I don't have a job in my field, I use what I learned EVERYDAY through communicating and interacting with children and adults of all ages.

So, basically, I love competition cheer and I love to instruct children so what better career than a competition cheer instructor? I would say that I am so lucky and blessed to have a job that is made just for me!! 

Jaleel Cheek     

Hello everyone, my name is is Jaleel Cheek. I am one of the newest additions to the Cheer program here at COPA Dance Studio. I have been dancing, tumbling, and cheering for a combined 10 years. Music has always been the driving force behind my passion for performance. I just cant help but to move to the beat. I majored in Dance and Performing Arts at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I have trained under a variety of professional artists and instructors in all areas of dance and performance.

 As a child, being a cheerleader was always something that caught my interest. My freshmen year in high school, I finally acted upon the urge, and tried out for my high school squad. From then on, the passion for this PHENOMENAL SPORT has grown and become something I can't live without. I went on to cheer competitively for a national champion team for 2 years, and also cheered while in college.

 People often ask me "What do you plan to gain from dance and cheer"? This question is easy. One of most amazing things we can do as humans is communicate without words through movement and gestures. Dance and Cheer are both great forms of performance that tell an entire story, by just completing a routine. I truly believe that God has given me the gift of dance, so that I may share my story with the world. Just knowing that every moment of every practice, private lesson, or performance is just a touch of my story is a feeling that I can't explain. Leaving a lasting impression on each child, or parent even, is enough to make this job everything I could ever want and more. Our team is DYNAMIC, Our spirit is ELITE, CDEA...WE CANT BE BEAT !!!!








Cheer Forms




We perform in Burlington and Graham Christmas Parades as well as various local events throughout the season. Participation in our May COPA Recital is mandatory.



There will be a set monthly fee for cheer this year.  It will include all competiton and extra practice fees. 

Additional expenses for each season, other than tuition include:
Uniform, Bow, and Shoes


Other Expenses
Spirit Wear - We offer a variety of t-shirts, shorts, etc. for students and parents that are optional for purchase.

Spectator Fees - Most competitions require admission for spectators, ranging from $5- $25

Hotel - We try to attend competitions that do not require an overnight stay, however we may choose to attend a  bigger competition that may require overnight accommodations.














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