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COPA recitals give an opportunity for our dancers to perform in front of family and friends. Recitals are normally held Friday and Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend. We ask that everyone keep the full recital weekend open as we cannot commit to personal requests from the students due to the amount of students at our studio.

Costume Flat Fee

A non-refundable costume flat fee of $75 (per costume) is due by October 1st.  

Dress Rehearsal
Dress Rehearsal for the recital is usually held on stage at the program site. A regular class is involved in one rehearsal and one program. During the rehearsals, personal videos and pictures may be taken. No flash or videos are allowed during performances. Parents will receive a detailed information sheet later in the year listing group photography date, rehearsal, and program day and time.

Performance Fee
A non-refundable fee per student of $100 is due by November 1st to pay for auditorium rental, crew, and other production expenses associated with the spring performance. This fee allows you to invite as many guests as you would like, as there are no ticket sales, and includes a digital download of all recital shows. Accounts must be paid in full for students to participate in the recitals.

Students participating in the recital may pay the required $65 non-refundable flat rate costume (per costume) deposit anytime after the start of the year. This fee is due by November 1st. The deposit and a signed costume request are required before costumes will be ordered. Costume orders are placed before our Christmas break and cannot be ordered without the deposit and costume request form. Costumes cannot be canceled once they are ordered. Costumes are not custom made and any alterations are at the expense of the family. There is a $20 charge for ordering a costume late.

A picture of the costume selected for each class will be posted in a book kept in the lobby at the studio, and will include costume cost, hose requirement, necessary hair style and accessory placement. Accounts must be current before costumes are distributed.

Payments to accounts may be applied to past due tuition before costume balance and performance fees. Any payment amount in excess of tuition will be applied to costume balances and performance fees.

Arrangements will be made with a photographer for costume photographs.

No photos at all or videos are allowed during performances but are permitted during rehearsals.

Normally senior spotlight solos are featured in the recitals, and the studio has a policy regarding the criteria in order to perform the solo in the recitals.


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