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2021-2022 Updated COPA Policy Booklet coming soon!

Private Lessons

Individualized instruction is available for competition solos or duos, or for special events (talent shows, pageants, etc.), or additional technical training. Private Classes run $30 per half hour. You must be up to date on your bill at COPA to take private classes. Private lessons are scheduled through the instructor and payment is made to them. Call the studio for a list of available instructors and their contact information.

Competition Teams
Students are selected through invitation or audition for The Centre Stars Dance Company. The competition team performs at area events and compete on a national level in the areas of clogging, tap, jazz, lyrical, acrobatics, and hip hop.

Tuition and Fees
Tuition is charged in nine equal payments regardless of the number of classes in the month starting of September through May. A full tutition payment is due in September and May. Whether we have a short month (3 weeks) or a long month (5 weeks), tuition remains the same. Payments do not vary due to holidays or the number of weeks in a month. Tuition and fees are non-refundable and there are no cash refunds on accounts carrying credits. You may pay in advance for tuition or fees. All accounts need to be paid in full by April 18th. For families, tuition is calculated for each student individually, totals added together, and a $10 discount given for each additional student.

A $25.00 late fee will be charged for all items and tuition not paid by the 10th of each month. Your child will not be able to participate in class after the 10th of the month unless agreed upon by the leadership team if you are not up to date on your bill. You will receive a phone call, email, and/or written information in the mail after the 10th if your account is not up to date and that your child will not be able to participate if you do not pay bill immediately. A student’s absence from class does not wave this late fee. A returned check fee of $25.00 will be charged to accounts for each check returned to the Centre. We reserve the right to only accept cash only in the event that this becomes a recurrent problem.

***Checks, made payable to COPA, should have noted on them the student's name and account number, and can be given to the studio receptionist or dropped in the slot in the lobby located outside the office.

To mail payments, send checks to:

Centre of Performing Arts
133 D Auto Park Plaza
Graham, NC 27253

The studio also accepts Visa and MasterCard payments. We offer a monthly withdrawal by credit card by filling out an authorization release form in the office. We also accept debit cards. Cash payments should be given to the studio receptionist, since a receipt is required to insure appropriate credit to accounts. If for any reason your child should discontinue class, you will be charged until the office is notified by the parent. Informational statements are sent monthly for accounts by email as a reminder of tuition and upcoming payments. If within three months after receiving a statement, charges have not been questioned, we will consider the charges acceptable by you. There is no reduction for missed classes and we encourage regular and prompt attendance. Also noted under private classes, you must be current on your bill to take private classes.

For account information or questions email us at or call (336) 438-1621. Instructors do not have information regarding accounts or payment schedules available.


Registration Fee

A non-refundable $50 fee for all students NOT enrolled at the Centre the fall of the previous year. ALL Returning students will have a non-refundable registration fee of $25.00 for fall classes.

Costume Deposit
A non-refundable costume flat fee of $65 (per costume) is due by November 1st.

Dress Rehearsal
Dress Rehearsal for May Performance is usually held on stage at the program site on the same day as the class day. A regular class is involved in one rehearsal and one program. During the rehearsals personal videos and pictures may be taken. No flash or videos are allowed during performances. Parents will receive a detailed information sheet later in the year listing group photography date, rehearsal and program day and time.

Performance Fee
A $65 (non-refundable) fee per student is due by February 1 to pay for auditorium rental, crew, and other production expenses associated with the spring performance. This fee allows you to invite as many guests as you would like, as there are no ticket sales and includes digital download recordings of all recital shows. Spring programs will be held in May and accounts must be paid in full for students to participate in programs.

Students participating in the recital may pay the required $65 costume flat fee (per costume) anytime after the start of the year. The fee is due by November 1st. The deposit and a signed costume request are required before costumes will be ordered. Costume orders are placed before our Christmas break and cannot be ordered without the deposit and costume request form. Costumes cannot be canceled once they are ordered. Costumes are not custom made and any alterations are at the expense of the family. There is a $25 charge for ordering a costume late. A picture of the costume selected for each class will be posted in a book kept in the lobby at the studio, and will include costume cost, hose requirement, necessary hair style and accessory placement. Accounts must be current before costumes are distributed. Payments to accounts may be applied to past due tuition before costume balance and performance fees.  Arrangements will be made with a photographer for costume photographs and a professional video will be offered for sale. No photos at all or video is allowed during performances, but are permitted during rehearsals. We ask that everyone keep the full recital weekend open as we cannot commit to personal request from the students due to the amount of students at COPA. Please block off that weekend. Normally senior spotlight solos are featured in the recitals, and the studio has a policy regarding the criteria in order to perform the solo in the recitals.

Extra Performances
We encourage students to perform for local functions. If you know of any civic clubs or organizations that would like a program, please keep us in mind. Performance plays an important part in a child’s dance education and self assurance.

Centre students may participate in the annual Graham Christmas parades. Categories of participation includes Centre Stompers clogging, selected acrobatic, Centre Stars Dance Company, Dancers (6 plus) and Float riders Dancers (students age 6 and up in all areas of dance such as acrobatics, tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop) parents and younger students riding the Centre’s Float.
Note: The COPA sweatshirt with logo is required for participation in Parades.

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Regular class attendance is vital to a successful dance year. Arrangements may be made to video tape classes if necessary. Students with 4 or more absences after March 9 will need instructor approval to participate in spring performances.

Dancewear Requirements
All students are required to be in proper dancewear and appropriate shoes in specific colors to attend class. Correct attire, along with prompt and regular attendance, establishes the attitude that will result in a rewarding class. No jewelry. Hair should be pulled from the face in a bun or ponytail. No jeans, street clothes or gum! Students should wear appropriate outer clothing over their dancewear both to and from class. A small dancewear store is operated at the Centre for shoes and other dance supplies. Special orders can be placed for items not on hand.

Many informational letters are sent home throughout the year. Your tuition bill will be emailed to you or with your child’s teacher and handed out monthly. It is your responsibility to tell us if you are not receiving them. Our preference is to utilize emails and our website to view dance notes, get forms, and other additional information. Please give us your e-mail address and the student’s name if you wish to receive notes in this manner. Please check the board beside the water fountain to make sure you have received all notes. During dance hours, instructors are available for brief comments only, as lengthy discussions interfere with instruction time. Written messages may be left at the studio. Be sure to include a name and phone number if a return call may be necessary.


Please visit our website often for updated information about the studio. 

Observation Classes
On two occasions during the year classes are designated for observation by parents. Please keep in mind that this is a regular dance class and not a performance. We ask that you make every effort not to be a distraction to the students and consider this when deciding whether to bring along siblings who may require your attention. All other class days should provide students with uninterrupted instruction.

Please do not park in the fire zone in front of the studio! Young students should be instructed by parents to wait inside the studio until the person providing their transportation enters the studio. Older students should wait until they can safely proceed to the vehicle after it has come to a complete stop near the door. Please do not leave students at the studio for lengthy time periods - more than 10 minutes before class or 5 minutes after class. If an emergency prevents prompt pick up of your child, please call to advise the student and studio personnel of the situation.

Your consideration of others is appreciated when waiting in the lobby area. A receptionist will be at the studio the majority of time that classes are held and will accept payments, take phone messages and supervise the area.

Weather Cancellation
Class will be held if road and sidewalk conditions permit, even when schools have dismissed early. Call 336-438-1621 for a recorded message when weather conditions are questionable. COPA Families will also receive an email. Studio classes canceled because of weather will be rescheduled.

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Study/Snack Area
A snack area is available for students with extended dance hours & breaks between classes. Students using this area are expected to be considerate of others by keeping the area clean.. No food or drink is allowed in the dance rooms.

Student Conduct and Behavior
At COPA we are committed to maximizing the potential of success for each of our students. It is our responsibility to provide a positive learning environment for our students. Therefore, it is imperative that our students comply with all the rules and regulations of COPA. COPA students must report all problems to the office staff/owners. Students must refrain from any behavior that interferes with the physical and emotional well being of themselves and others. Students must also refrain from any behavior that distracts or disrupts the instructional process.

Behavior To Owners/Staff/Volunteers
Students and parents shall comply with the instructions of all COPA personnel at all times while on COPA premises or while attending or participating in any COPA activity. No student/parent shall strike, push, shove or verbally abuse COPA personnel. Verbal abuse is any verbal action that prevents an orderly and peaceful environment. Profanity and remarks that are intended to demean a person's religion, sex, national origin or handicapping condition are also prohibited.

Consequences for inappropriate behavior for students/parents may range from a conference, suspension (short or long term) from COPA premises and all COPA events (sponsored or participating in), removal from classes or any other appropriate disciplinary measure.

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Studio Phone: (336) 228-1553  •  133 D. Auto Park Drive  •  Graham, NC 27253  •

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